Thursday, July 26, 2012

Big Girl Bed

We got Izzie a new bed for her birthday! It is a low loft bed! Well after looking at the curtains for the loft bed and the $$$$. Grandorie and I decided that she could make the curtains and then she also said she would make the bedding all for Izzie's birthday! So I decided I would love to use all the material we had purchased for the adoption and boy did it turn out just as I had imagined! This material was meant to be Izzie's! Grandorie did a phenomenal job and Izzie has an amazing bed!


PJ said...

We are probably headed toward bunk beds when they are old enough. I love this idea though! How much fun is she going to have with her BFF's under there!

Are those embroidery hoops with coordinating fabric over the bed?

I wish I had the patience to sew! My mom is currently working on pillowcase dresses for the girls. So fun!