Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pinterest...I LOVE YOU!

Yes I get so lost in Pinterest but I am so proud that I don't just pin I do! Now I pin a lot more than I do but I am trying to make some stuff! I use Pinterest daily at school for brain breaks and activities with my lessons. I have used a lot of great ideas as novelty in my classroom and my kiddos LOVE IT! I have made some yummy and no so yummy food (mostly yummy) and cool reading nook/storage for Izzie's room. We have made our own laundry detergent that we LOVE and is promised to last 9 months. We made our own dishwasher detergent which we like but are still perfecting! Here are some pics of the things I have used/made!

I do have a few more at school that I do not have pictures of yet! Will have to add those later! If you are on Pinterest look me up! I have several more project that I would like to try soon and some great ideas ahead, including Elf ideas!