Friday, November 16, 2012

Lost her 1st tooth

Her first loose tooth came about over a month ago! She was so excited to have a loose tooth! She wiggled and she wiggled and she wiggled some more. This tooth got so loose but Izzie was just not letting us pull it. First of all loose teeth really gross me out, so I had a hard time trying to pull it. So This afternoon it was just time and it was so loose. So I called Amy and said can you pull it. Amy is the tooth whisperer as Martha calls her. She pulls the loose teeth and with such ease. So she happened to still be at school, so we ran up there. She got a tissue and Izzie held her one hand and with the other Amy pulled that tooth right out and Izzie did not even know she had gotten it out. We both screamed with excitement! Izzie was a little freaked by the blood but Perry showed her what to do with spitting water! Very soon the bleeding stopped and Izzie had her 1st tooth OUT! Her other bottom tooth is also loose now. So funny because those 2 bottom teeth were the 1st 2 teeth she got at 7 month within 8 days of each other!

Her 1st two bottom teeth in 2008

Loosing her 1st tooth and it was one of her bottom teeth and the other bottom tooth is loose!

 Amy & Perry with Izzie after it was out!

 The tooth

Toothless smile