Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Tooth Fairy made a visit

She made her 1st visit to Isabelle and boy was it a good one. She left a note and the tooth. She left $5 and a picture of herself flying over Izzie! Oh yes and she did dip her dress in the water and we learned her dress was blue before we saw her picture and blue it was! This morning was so magical and I love it! The smile and amazement on Isabelle's face was so priceless! Love that girl!

 Opened up my computer and we found this pic The Tooth Fairy left on my computer, it was a huge surprise!
 So we found the pic in my files so we could use it! ;)
 So mommy had fun with some editing!!!!


Darreth said...

I've never heard of the water thing; I'll have to remember that when my daughter starts losing teeth. I absolutely love this! It's the little things in life.... :)