Sunday, March 25, 2007

Belly Pics 19 Weeks 2 Days

Yes I am growing bigger and bigger! Please excuse the face in the pic Scott does not tell me when he is taking the pic and of course I was talking!!! The belly is popping right out. It is actually almost even with my belly button so I am sure in weeks to come it will rise up and poke out more. Once it is above my belly button I will try some bare belly shots! We have registered at Babies "R" Us the link is to the left. It took 3 hours but was fun and tiring! I did pick a bedding that could go either way and I am so loving it. We hopefully will know what the baby is on April 18th but to give you some inside several girls at work looked right at the foot pic which shows the baby's butt and right off said oh that is a boy! They showed me and well I am now thinking it is a boy as well. No matter what we are so excited to find out and even more excited for August to get here so we can hold this little miracle I have growing inside me! I have felt flutters and a few "kicks" which were more like thumps. The flutters have felt like bubbles in my belly and they started about 17 weeks. On March 14th I was at school and sneezed real big and loud and bent over as I did then all of a sudden I felt a thump from inside! This was the first kick I was so excited I called Scott and then told everyone in my hallway! I have had several thumps this weekend and flutters or bubbles as well!


Rhonda J said...

I wish I was there to go through all of this with you first-hand. I miss you. Oh, and Lindsay said she had a little "vision" that you are having a boy too, well what she "saw" was a little one with a blue baseball cap on... who knows?
Anyway I love you and I am so happy for you. I know those flutters and bubbles are the best, treasure every moment.