Wednesday, May 2, 2007

24 Weeks 5 Days Doctors Visit

I drank my orange drink this morning for my glucose test, it was not bad. People say it is awful but it was real sweet and basically tasted like and orange soda with extremely heavy syrup. They got my blood on the first stick which is amazing since usually I am such a hard stick I leave looking like a pin cushion. I saw Dr. Brown and he listened to Isabelle's heartbeat and it was great as normal. He was a bit upset that when I had the ultrasound at Maternal Fetal Medicine at Suburban they did not try harder to evaluate her heart or schedule a follow up to evaluate her heart. So I will be going back sometime next week to Suburban with strict orders to evaluate Isabelle's heart. He does not think anything is wrong or that I show any signs of high risk but we have yet to date had any evaluation of her heart due to her being turned in both times for ultrasounds and unable to view it. He just wants pics of it and make sure it is developing on schedule and normal as the rest of her. (I definitely want to see that as well)My next visit will be May 31st back with Dr. Basham (she is my favorite) I get to see her from here on out! :)
Isabelle is doing great and so am I. She is active, moving and kicking so much and I love it every time I feel it. Sometimes you can see my belly jump when she kicks and every time I call Scott to come and see it she stops. She hears me call him and quits on purpose I just know! Her room is coming along and as soon as the glider arrives I will take pics and post.


Mills said...

Yea! I am glad it wasn't too bad! Call me. . .we need to discuss! Love you!

Kim said...

Jodie-I love the belly pictures! You are right, definitely worth the wait!