Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Dad To Be Day

Scott was surprised with a card from Izzie! He was also given some new shirts I told him that Isabelle bought for him. He said "how did she already get a credit card?" You know eventually he is in trouble with 2 girls on his hands to shop! I think the most special part of Father's Day was that he was able to feel his daughter have the hiccups yesterday morning. It was really cool. We had heard her have them on the heart monitor but I had never felt them. I called him to come over and I put his hand on my tummy and his face just lit up with each one as we both laughed!It is rare he is able to feel her because she either stops kicking when I get him or it happens when he is at work or he is just not patient enough to sit for hours at a time with his hand on my tummy so that was pretty special for him to feel her yesterday.


joyceh said...

Loved your story what a great family baby will add blessings to. - Joyce Harris