Thursday, June 14, 2007

GTT Results

Well I have good news my GTT results were normal YEAH! That is such a relief. This has been such a good pregnancy. The beginning was a bit rough with the bleeding but to have gone through all we have and then going through IVF to get pregnant, well I guess it was time for a break! I hope the next 9 weeks continues to stay smooth. I have a few minor 3rd trimester issues such as severe heartburn especially at night. swollen hands and feet and sometimes ankles. Not able to get comfy at night to sleep good. Up and down throughout the night to use the bathroom and severe leg cramps during the night just uncomfortable. This is all to be expected at 31 weeks since I have added almost 30 pounds since the beginning of the pregnancy. You also have to remember that this pregnancy is 40 weeks and these symptoms just started to really hit hard around week 28 or so. I can handle it... anything to get Isabelle here healthy and safe in about 9 weeks!