Saturday, July 14, 2007

35 Weeks Belly Pics

OK here they are 35 weeks and HUGE! I was brave enough to add a bare belly pic this time DO NOT LAUGH! Yes I have horrible stretch marks they are purple looking but at least my belly button DID NOT pop out it at least looks half way normal and my linea nigra is not to dark but it does go up from my belly button and down from it as well! Oh well the joys and memories of my pregnancy! We are ready for Izzie to get here. Things are moving right along pretty well. I am really tired probably because I am up about every 2 hours just to use the bathroom and to change positions sleeping is not comfortable at all these days. Still swelling in this heat if I am up and on my feet for awhile. My ankles along with my hands puff right up but last week at the doctors they said my blood pressure and urine were great so this is normal! You can see in the pic I can no longer wear my engagement ring I do good to wear my wedding ring. Other than the normal third trimester issues I am doing good. I will be a full 8 months on Friday and offically starting my 9th month! Scott is such a trooper and hanging in there with all my up at night which I know keeps him up, he is such a WONDERFUL husband!