Monday, July 23, 2007

36 Week OB Appointment & Waiting

OK so this is the waiting game! Showers are finished stuff is put away, nursery is ready weekly doctor visits and all we need is the baby! I had my appointment today and my cervix is closed :( hopefully I will start to dilate soon. Isabelle is head down but still fairly high she is sitting right above my pelvis, hopefully she will start to drop into my pelvis soon. I go back next Thursday Aug. 2nd for an ultrasound to check her weight and my weekly visit with Dr. Basham to check my cervix. So we really are just waiting and for all of you who know how sometimes my patience gets the better of me when I want something I want it NOW. I am going to practice my patience and know that she will be here in the 3 1/2 to 4 weeks and like everything else it will fly right by! Thanks for keeping us in your prayers, I ask that you pray for a smooth and safe delivery for Isabelle and myself. We want her here healthy and safe. Also after she is born we will be dealing with that fluid in her bowel so pray that will be resolved safely and quickly!


Mills said...

Well good. God made you a teacher for a reason, Miss Jolie. . .patience! I love you!