Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sleepless Nights

**Isabelle now weighs 7lbs. 7ozs- She has passed her birth weight**

Sorry it has been so long since the last post. We have had a few sleepless nights and we are hoping & praying tonight will be better. Isabelle has been having a lot of gas on her belly which has caused her not wanting to be flat in her bed which has caused her not to sleep unless someone is holding her. We first thought she was constipated but a trip to the doctor today ruled that out thank goodness. She is just a gassy baby which could be from nursing but not getting milk the entire time she is nursing. So the doctor is having me pump every other feeding just to see how much I am getting. This will help us to know if having her nurse 10-15 minutes per side is getting her milk the whole time or only part of the time and then air the rest as her latch becomes more relaxed causing A LOT of gas. So far we have learned that she is getting good milk for about 7-8 minutes of that 10-15 per side. So making her stay latched the entire time can be causing the gas from to much air. So this is informative for us!!!!! We also elevated her crib mattress so she is not flat and we are keeping her upright after feeding. You learn something new each and everyday! We are doing well and having so much fun with her she is just the cutest little thing even at 3AM with no sleep I still love and adore her so much!!!!! enjoy the pics and hopefully the next post will update with much needed sleep for all 3 of us! :)
PS Her cord came off today YEAH (That thing grossed me out at the end) See the pic of her cute outie belly button next time!!!


The Durbins said...

I remember those sleepless nights, but they are worth every minute of it! It will get easier with time. Good luck with everything!