Thursday, August 23, 2007

We Are Doing Better!

Well it has been 2 nights since my last post and the night I posted she slept for 1 1/2 hours and then wide awake at 2AM so I realized she has her days and nights a bit confused! So last night we had the hard task of not letting her fall asleep in the evening. Oh was that fun at first! We did it, we broke out the Boppy gym and she loved it looking at all the things it had on it!!! Then Mommy read a couple of stories to her in her room and started crying and had to recompose myself. It was just so surreal I thought I would never have a chance to read stories to my baby at one point and now she is here and she is ours and I get to read stories to her every night. Daddy tells Izzie that she makes her mommy so happy that sometimes she leaks water! I just look at her and cry out of pure happiness that she is here! Anyway onto the rest of the night. Then we took our first real bath since our cord fell off and I was so upset because we got out the bathing spa tub and it was broke so we have to take it back. By that time it was 8PM which was the time I was shooting for to feed her and put her down. She was so tired she barely ate and went right to sleep. So she did wake up about 2 hours later to eat and then right back to sleep she slept until 1AM ate and then seemed to be having some tummy pains again and was fussing after being down for about 30 minutes so about 2:30AM I brought her into our bed and held her more upright on my chest and we slept until time for daddy to get up for work at 4:30AM! So all in all that was MUCH better! I know it is only 1 night but better than it has been so maybe we are on the right track!!! Enjoy the pics of her in her boppy gym Gamma & Poppa got her before she was born! I love the one of her feet turned in and toes curled so tight! 1 more thing we are getting so big we are no longer wearing newborn diapers we are in a size 1 officially today!


Kim said...

Just checking on baby Isabelle-love the outfit! She looks totally adorable in it. I love all of the bright colors in her gym. I could empathize about you crying while reading to her. It is amazing when you are hit with everything you've always wanted and waited so long for. I'm glad that is all behind us now. I'm so happy for you!