Tuesday, September 4, 2007

1 Month Old!

Izzie is 1 month old today! she had her 1 month check up today and they said she was perfect (which we already knew that) She now weighs 8lbs. 13ozs. (50% on the growth chart) she is now 21 1/4 inches long (50% on the growth chart). She is growing like a weed! At 1 month she coos, grins, GRUNTS, she has rolled from her back to her side and 1 time she rolled from her side to her belly, she holds her head up when you are holding her fairly well (she still gets bobble head after a few minutes), she eats and sleeps at night about 3-4 hours at a time and she is just the best thing ever!!!!! She had her photo shoot Monday and it was FUN! She did great and we hope to be able to share the link for the proofs by the weekend!

Isabelle met her great grandparents on my side this weekend and of course they fell in love with her right away! The pics below are of the 4 generations on my side and on Scott's side of the family.

Poppa (my dad) Papaw & Mamaw(My grandparents), Isabelle & Me!

Scott, Mamaw (Scott's grandma), Isabelle & Grandorie (Scott's mom)

Enjoy the pics from the weekend!


JessicaChambers said...

Those pictures will be priceless one day!