Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Back To Work

Well I went back to work this week. It has been good I miss the heck out of Isabelle and CAN NOT WAIT to get home each day! I do enjoy being back. Izzie stayed with Beth on Monday and she took some pics and sent to me to show me that she was doing great! She stayed with daddy today and will the rest of the week. They did good their first day home alone! I called in the middle of the day and she was a bit fussy and Scott put me on speaker phone and I talked to her and she stopped fussing and he said she was smiling! :) Of course that made my day and I wanted to rush right home!!!! We are all adjusting and doing well! Mommmy is adjusting more than Izzie I am sure! I shed a few tears Monday morning but I made it through the day!