Sunday, September 23, 2007


Some of you already know but only a few there are some changes headed our way. When Isabelle was almost 4 weeks old we found out that my parents (Poppa & Gamma) are being relocated to Florida. So anyone that knows me knows that I am extremely close with my parents and have never been without them except when I was away at college. I have not posted about this until now because I am so sad over it. Yes we will have a great place to visit and it will be good for my dad not to have to travel every week now and mom will be able to continue to NOT work! She will be able to come back often because she will not be working. I just hate it and am having a hard time with it so please pray for our family and this new transition for us and adventure for my parents. I say all this because I wanted to explain why we had family photos taken in front of their wonderful house! Visit Brandi Drury Photography again to see the wonderful pics she took of us all. Click on the gallery named Clinton! Oh yeah and the wonderful young lady attached to Rickey is his soon to be wife. Yes my brother is engaged and getting married 8-8-08! Enjoy the pics :)