Thursday, October 4, 2007

2 Months Old & Sad Goodbyes

Izzie is 2 months old today! She goes tomorrow for her 2 month check up and I will post after that! As for what she is doing at 2 months she...
*smiles (Really Big)
*makes great noises
*she tracks objects
*sleeps pretty much through the night
*fights her sleep some nights
*looks around at everything
*wants to be sitting up
*holds her head up really well
*eats a small amount of rice cereal
Life with Isabelle is WONDERFUL. Hard to believe she was born 2 months ago today since I can hardly remember life without her except I do remember I got more sleep than now! It is so worth it, even the nights she fights her sleep! More info. after her check up tomorrow afternoon.
Tonight we had a wonderful dinner at Ruths Chris with mom, Uncle Rickey & Aunt Sara. It was a fun dinner that followed with lots of tears as we said goodbye for now to Gamma. She is off to Florida and we hate it, but we know we will see her and Poppa soon! We love them so much and miss them terribly already.