Friday, October 5, 2007

2 Month Check-up & SHOTS :(

Oh poor Izzie she got 4 shots today and 1 oral medication. I thought oh this will be OK, yes she will cry but I will be fine it is a part of life...BOY WAS I WRONG! That nurse stuck her with that first one and she jerked real big and looked at me like WHAT IN THE WORLD. She let out a big cry and held her breath, I was down close to her face and she was holding her breath and crying and it made me cry. I did not think I would but I did I was so upset it hurt her and she did not understand why. Oh shots are NOT FUN. She settled down and quit holding her breath when the nurse blew in her face. She is asleep right now. We can give her Tylenol for the fever and pain of her poor legs. As for her check up we saw Dr. Collins (No relation) she was real nice. She said she was a perfect 2 month old! Izzie just smiled and talked to her while she was checking her out. She weighed 10lbs. 13ozs. (2 pound gain since her 1 month)That is 50% on her weight. Her length was 21 1/4 again and that put her in the 25%. The doctor said the length sometimes depends on the nurse and if they stretch them out good or point the toe etc. She was not concerned she said the weight gain is the consistant and what they can really base her progress on. So we will see what she is in height the next time. Her head was 39 and in the 50% range. She is doing GREAT. She goes back in Dec. for a 4 month check up!
Mom made it to Florida with the dogs! I am doing OK as long as I stay busy I was weepy during my planning period today because I had time to think about it all but as long as the kids were in the room I was busy and they kept me smiling. Fall break is this week and I will love being home for a week with my baby girl!!!! Tomorrow is the big baby bash and we are excited. I promise to post pics and details tomorrow night or at least by Sunday morning!!!!