Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sitting Up In Her Boppy & Other Pics!

Enjoy the video of her sitting up in her boppy and the slide show of other pics! she is all decked out in her Halloween outfit handed down from Perry & Abby! There are also some pics of her in her cute pink camo! Just a note to those who have asked mom and dad are in Florida and unpacking! Not quite settled in but getting there. They are doing well and so are the dogs. Thanks for asking about them!


Beth said...

What a BIG girl sitting up! Love the camo!

Rhonda J said...

She is so beautiful and I love her sweet little voice. Thank you for posting so much; it makes me feel like I get to be a part of her life even though I am so far away. I miss you and I wish I could see you and Izzie!