Tuesday, October 9, 2007

If you have not figured it out yet I am on Fall Break, that would be why you are getting daily pics. Well one reason the other reason is for Poppa & Gamma. We miss them SO SO SO much! So even when I go back to work after Fall Break there will probably be at least every other day updates and pics! I wanted to share the pics of Izzie in her pretty bow and outfit. The outfit is still a bit big but so cute! I added in some pics from the past couple of days. I love the one of her all wrapped up in a blanket sleeping in her swing, she lives in the Arctic in this house!!!!! She is buckled in underneath all of the blanket. I also love the ones in her bed she is wrapped in the blanket Gamma made her, No I did not let her sleep like that I had her wrapped up in it while I was rocking her to sleep! Gamma she loves her blanket! :)

The video is of her talking to her mobile and kicking like crazy. She loves her mobiles!


Beth said...

That outfit is TOO CUTE!! The little precious girl inside the outfit is pretty cute, too!!! Sweet pictures!

JessicaChambers said...

Regarding the video with Izzie SITTING UP watching her mobile....she loves the giraffe the best, I can tell.