Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back To Work

OK so today was not that bad, only a 2 day week that is a nice way to ease back into it! Izzie did good at Beth's house which I was glad since she has been a mommy's girl for 2 weeks! She was a GREAT sleeper last night first time in 2 weeks it is like she just knew it was time to go back to school she went to bed around 8:30PM and we woke her up at 5:25AM for a bottle before we had to leave. Not a peep all night even for her paci. YEAH Isabelle. It is weird it is like she knows just like at 7 weeks old the weekend before my first day back from maternity leave the precious girl begins sleeping ALL night! She is such a good girl! Anyway I think her and Rachel had a good day. Oh yeah Check out the Hoene Family Blog . Baby Logan is here!!!!! Staci works at another elementary school in Shelby and I worked with her sister & cousin years ago and have chatted with her the past couple years since she came to SCPS and they have had a rough road trying to have a baby and now they have baby Logan. They are adopting him and he is such a lucky baby to have such a great family. Keep them in your prayers for everything to continue nice and smooth. Congrats Staci! Anyway it is almost Friday and I am glad! I will update on Izzie tomorrow she will be 5 months old hard to believe! Enjoy the pics from the past few days!


Jen said...

It's kind of a let down when the holidays are over isn't it? That is wonderful to hear about your friends new baby boy!

Also, You have email!