Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sentimental Mommy

OK I am sure you all are tired of seeing and hearing about 6 months BUT OH WELL it is my blog and I can post what I want!!! (HEHE) Yes her turning 6 months has got me all sentimental I feel like I waited a lifetime for her and the time is flying by. I am enjoying EVERY MOMENT of it but where has 6 months gone? It seems just like yesterday we brought her home and I was crying every time I looked at her and was in awe of having a baby girl that was mine and now the little punkin is sitting up, scooting around eating baby mum-mums, babbling, saying da-da, eating jar food and sleeps all night like a big 6 month old! So as I said if you are tired of seeing the pics and hearing about it oh well that is what my blog is for my outlet and my memory book! Here are pics of the first 6 months look how she has changed!

Newborn 8/2007

3 Months 11/2007

6 Months 2/2008


JessicaChambers said...

What can I say...time flies when you're having fun.

CBJR Family said...

She doesn't even look like the same little baby! They change so much in the first year. It's your blog and you can post whatever you want!!!

DaleClinton said...

Jodie and Scott - The pictures are great; how could anyone not want to hear you brag about that little cutie pie. My favorite are the ones with the white feathers. In one of them she looks like a little swan. I love it.

Love you all - Uncle Dale

Amanda Speaks said...

Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog, it is great. Your baby is beautiful. I have to say that I felt the same way about my baby girl as she grew (she is now 2). Time has never flown so fast! Enjoy her.

Rhonda J said...

I love hearing and seeing everything that you post! Thank you! It helps all of us who are not lucky enough to be around Izzie share in her precious life. I love the new pics. She is an absolute angel!