Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mid-Week & Good Deals

Well it is Wednesday and might I add this has been a LONG week so far. My kids at work are CRAZY...Spring Fever is in the air. My last day is TOMORROW! :) I am off Friday Isabelle & I leave early afternoon. We are so excited. We are so sad to be away from daddy for a week but so excited to vacation in sunny, warm Florida and see Pappa & Gamma! Izzie Grace is doing great she is pulling up on EVERYTHING. She has bumped her noggin a couple of times but she is a trooper she has learned that plopping down on her butt does not hurt as bad! *I have to add my good deal for the week. If you have a KROGER check it out! They are having some good sales on baby food, especially stage 3 jars and the dates are still 2009 or 2010. We have stocked up and had to clear a shelf in the laundry room to store. Such a good deal if you have a little one eating jar food! Enjoy the pics & YES I will update while in Florida probably EVERYDAY! :) Here are some pics of Izzie's week with Rachel so far and some from home!

**I thought I would share some pics to really show you how good of a deal is waiting at KROGER on baby food!**

Our small cabinet where we keep the extra food that does not fit on the baby food jar carousel. We usually try to keep a good amount in it.

The shelf we had to clear in the laundry room to store the food now! That is a lot of baby food~~~(these were Gerber Brand & Beechnut)Usually those stage 3 jars are about .68 cents & these were 3/$1.oo & 2/$1.00, I did get some stage 2 jars for 3/$1.00 & 5/$1.00Cereal & juice $1.00 each! The Gerber 2 packs were 3/$2.00. Worth checking it out~ I love a good deal! :)


CBJR Family said...

Great pictures! Have a fun, fun time in Florida!! (I know you will!) We will miss you! Take lots of pictures!

Kim said...

Wow-that is a lot of baby food. You may never have to buy more!
Have a great time in Florida-say "hi" to the folks for us!

JessicaChambers said...

How cute is that standing at the gate with little footy pj's on! Have a great time in Florida. Hope the plane ride is smooth flying!