Sunday, May 4, 2008

9 Months Old

Happy 9 Months Isabelle! We took this pic after church but her real 9 month pics are being made Tues. afternoon so I will post those that night! I can hardly believe 9 months ago Isabelle came into the world and changed our lives forever! She is so much fun and seems to do something new everyday!
*Eats stage 3 Foods
*Pulling up & taking steps
*walks with toy walker
*says Mama, Dada, dog & woof
*Eats puffs & mum-mums
*blows raspberries on herself & others
*stays in the nursery at church and loves it
*loves books
*Moved to a big car seat
*loves to go for a stroll
*plays in the floor by herself
*has 3 teeth(2 on the bottom 1 on the top)
*attached to her snugglies
*Smiles & laughs so big
*loves to sing & talk
*drinks from a sippy cup
*plays peek a boo
*Is a mommy's girl
*Is a Daddy's girl too
*bounces all the time
*holds up pointer finger a lot
*reaches for who she wants
*crawls FAST
*knows familiar people
*sleeps in her bed
*loves her bath

I am sure there is more and as I can think I will add it but you have to see the pic below!

Yes we got a bow in her hair today, it did not stay in long but it was in there! Keep that hair growing baby girl!

Happy 9 months the past 9 months have been the best ever we look forward to many, many, many more! We love you so much and I thank God everyday for allowing me to be your Mommy! We love you so much! Love Mommy & Daddy


Jessica said...

Gosh she looks so big sitting on that rail! Where does the time go?

CBJR Family said...

That is such a precious picture of Izzie sitting in the grass in her cute little dress! She looks like a big girl sitting on the rail with a bow in her hair!! Happy 9 months, Izzie! We love you!

Kim said...

Happy 9 months, Isabelle!

The Sanchez Family said...

Happy 9 months Izzie! I love the bow, and the dress. Time does fly!