Monday, May 5, 2008

9 Month Checkup

Isabelle had her 9 month check up today and she is in PERFECT health! Her height was 26 1/2inches (Yeah she grew) (25th %). Weight 19.6 (just above 50%). I expected her to be at least 20lbs but that week she was sick she really lost her appetite for a couple of weeks and we could tell she had lost some weight. Head Circumference 17 1/4 (50%). Dr. Collins said she was great and developmentally she is a bit ahead on things like cruising etc. They pricked her big toe and she did not even flinch. Her blood work looked great lead was normal etc. She was talking and waving at Dr. Collins. I asked about her having to stay on soy at 1 year and she said we would try whole milk and just see that not all soy formula babies need soy milk. We will see but that is 3 months away. We do get to try yo-baby yogurt and she said that might be a good indicator if she is going to tolerate whole milk or not! We will see! We are going to start watering down the middle of the night bottle she has been waking up for since she started cutting teeth and see if she will start to cut that bottle out and go back to sleeping straight through the night! I hope she will that broken sleep is not fun. Also that might help drive her hunger in the morning. Right now she wakes up and does not always want to eat since she had a bottle around 2 or 3AM! All in all a GREAT check up and NO SHOTS this time! We go back in AUGUST...for her 1 YEAR check up, SHUT UP in just 3 short months my baby will be 1 year old! Hard to believe huh! We are having her 9 month pics made tomorrow, hopefully they will be so cute like last time!!!!!


CBJR Family said...

So glad to hear that Miss Izzie had such a great check-up--and NO shots!! Yeah! Her pictures will be precious! Can't wait to see them!

Jessica said...

Congratulations on a healthy baby!