Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gamma Is Here

Gamma is here and that is making for lag in posts and comments and checking email! Sorry I will get back on track. Here are a couple of pics of "little bit", oh and she is walking all over the place. She now has new territory and today I have to Izzie proof the shelf in her room. We got another walk through gate and she can go from the living room into part of the hallway and her room.


Jessica said...

I bet Gamma is getting lots of luvin from Izzie! Have fun!

CBJR Family said...

That's a sweet picture of Izzie sleeping on the floor! I can't wait to see Izzie walk in person! She and Rachel could get in lots of trouble together now! Enjoy Gamma!!!

The Sanchez Family said...

I love the sleeping picture! I am sure your mom is enjoying every minute of Miss Izzie!