Thursday, July 24, 2008

Answered Prayers

I am so happy I have found in home childcare for Izzie when school starts. I was fretting over not knowing what I was going to do and not wanting to put her in daycare. Scott does not have a job yet but we are in the works with one and all I am going to say about that is please pray or us and him that it works out. We have had so many let downs in that department I guess I don't want to say any more about it in fear of jinxing it!

Back to childcare I went to work today and stopped by a daycare and stayed all of 5 minutes and after the lady was less than helpful or nice I walked out and said "no my baby will not go there." So I got to work all frustrated and wondering what will I do???? Then talking to all the girls in the office someone mentioned the lady that Jessica went with...what this is all new last I talked to Jess she was taking little Nolan to a daycare. So I called Jessica and Lynn found the flyer for me and I called the number. A sweet voice answered and as we talked I thought oh she is so nice sounding Izzie will love her and her tone of voice! She asked me my name again and then said "Jodie do you know who you are talking too?" Taken back a bit I said "apparently no" and she said her name with her old last name and it all clicked. I worked with her a couple of weeks before I got my job teaching Kindergarten. She is such a sweet lady and I could not be happier. Isabelle will be in Shelbyville with me and right down the road and I know she will be taken care of.

Izzie and I will go visit Miss S. next week. I am so excited that little Nolan will join Izzie in Dec. (he is not due until Sept.) Also Jill's little girl that is due in Oct. may join the gang in Feb. This is awesome because her prices are great and she only takes teacher's kids so she is open on a teacher's schedule and we don't pay when we are out of school. So part of that pit I have in my stomach of worry is gone and now we just keep praying for the job for daddy and that whole pit will be gone! Keep praying!


Jessica said...

What a cutie! What a difference a year makes!

Kim said...

Glad you found a place you are happy with for Izzie. I thought Scott got a job...I'm behind. I' sorry-praying for the job situation.

The Sanchez Family said...

I am so happy for you! I am glad that you found someone you can trust with your precious little one! I am still praying for Scott.

CBJR Family said...

I am so, so glad you found a good sitter that you trust. Izzie will have fun making new friends. Of course, Rachie and I are always here as a back-up for you!! Cute pictures!