Saturday, July 19, 2008


Friday we went to visit the gals at Chance School Summer camp. Friday was their last day of the 6 week summer camp. It was good to visit with them. After eating pizza with them we went to the McGohon's house to swim. Izzie loved the pool as long as I was holding her or right by her. She was being a bit clingy to mommy but all in all she loved her swim with Wendi, Abbie & Whitney. She did like her float with the cool shade. It was so hot outside and the pool water was PERFECT! Thanks for having us over to swim, I was good about keeping sunblock on Izzie but not myself. I got burnt but at least my baby did not!


Jessica said...

Boy, Izzie is having a busy summer! Isn't it funny how babies are naturally afraid of water? You guys had better hurry to our splash pool....summer's about over!

CBJR Family said...

Glad you kept that baby girl protected! I agree with Jessica . . . come play with us at the spash pool! She'll love it!