Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oldham County Day

Today was Oldham County Day so we started the morning by walking up to the parade. It is about a mile or so from our house into town. We walked up to 4th Ave. and watched the parade from there and then we walked on into town to the courthouse square and walked around to all the booths that were set up for Oldham County Day. It was HOT! I have not been to the parade in years and in years past refused to go because of the crowd and the heat but when you have a little one things change. I want her to have all those neat family experiences so I jumped out of bed this morning all excited about the parade!

Isabelle was not too sure about the loud sirens at first but she soon warmed up and was waving to the people in the parade. Did I mention it was HOT! The boy scout troop handed out popsicles and so Izzie had her first popsicle at the parade to help cool off and she loved it! Next year I am sure she will be after the candy they throw too.

We saw all kinds of tractors and floats and even horses! Sonny drove a tractor in the parade and as he came by Isabelle was not too sure about seeing him on the tractor. She did wave to him but you could tell she was confused as to why he was up there and not down by us! Oldham County Day kicks off the Oldham County Fair that begins this week. Next Saturday Izzie will be in the baby contest at the fair. Of course we will have pics who knows I think we may have a winner on our hands! We saw several people we know and it was good to visit. After walking around we walked back home and we all crashed and took a nap, that heat will tire you out quick. Needless to say we got our walking in today for sure!


CBJR Family said...

It looks like you had a fun day even though it was so HOT! I can't wait to see winning pictures from the Baby Contest! Go Izzie!!!

Kim said...

What a fun event for Izzie to be a part of. She has a sweet Mama to take her for wonderful experiences!
Good luck at the baby contest!

Roxy said...

You always know it's OCD when it's the hottest day of the summer. Hope you both stayed cool. Good luck at the Fair...sure she's gonna take home the prize.