Monday, July 21, 2008

Tooth 7 & 8

Izzie was eating a cookie this afternoon and I got a glimpse of some white. I put my finger in her mouth and sure enough she has a tooth that has popped through on the bottom. We got all excited and then I decided to feel the other side and there it was just barely popping through another tooth on the bottom. She has a tooth on either side of her bottom front teeth. So I put her on the changing table and got a good look and you can see them both so I decided to feel up top and on her left side she has what feels like another one possibly just not popped through yet so we will not count it yet!

It is so funny because Beth & Rachel met us for music class this morning and we had lunch with them and Beth & I were talking about the girls teeth at lunch. I was saying how Izzie only had 6 still but was chewing pretty well. She was saying how Rachel all of a sudden got several new teeth. That is so funny because I had no idea Izzie had 2 new teeth! As soon as they are showing good I will get a pic. Daddy said that explains the crying nights we had the past couple of weeks! We figured she was cutting more just because her chewing and irritability during the night & she was! She seems to cut them 2 at a time for some reason!


Jessica said...

Yeah Izzie! Way to cut those teeth!

CBJR Family said...

Thanks for letting us go to Music Class with you this morning! It was fun! I'm glad you're keeping track of Izzie's teeth. I've totally lost count of Rachel's teeth. So many are coming in at once!