Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Bottles Are Officially Packed Away

Yes she has been off the bottle with NO PROBLEMS for over a week. This weekend we decided to pack them away for the next Collins baby to use in the future. Hopefully that will be sooner than later! Isabelle is officially off the bottle before 13 months old! Way to go Izzie...I am so excited it was such an easy transition she loves her cups!


The Behmke Family said...

Yeah Izzie! You are such a big girl! We love you bunches. Jacob loves looking at pictures of you and we can not believe how big you have gotten. We adore your smiles, keep them coming! Oh, and Mrs. Collins Jacob can not understand why his first grade teacher doesn't have a blog??? LOL!
You have set such high expectations. Our new email address is, email us soon!

The Behmkes

Jessica said...

Way to go Izzie! I always thought packing the bottles away was the hardest thing ever. Glad it was easy for you! You guys have truly been blessed with an awesome baby!