Sunday, August 31, 2008

Isabelle's Smiles

I have finished my video project. When I first started this my intention was to take it to 1 year and I did. Of course that is not the end of her smiles and in the future I will still share her wonderful smiles in some way of course. As for this video it is complete and I am so happy with it, every time I watch it I cry, there was I time I only dreamed of having a precious little girl and there were days I thought that dream would never come true...and it has and she has blessed my life beyond what I had ever imagined. This video "Isabelle's Smiles" is for you Izzie Grace, mommy loves you so much!


Kim said...

What a unique and beautiful idea, Jodie! So glad Izzie has you for a mommy.

The Sanchez Family said...

This made me cry and I am not her mommy! What a great idea. I love it!