Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Polka Dotted Baby

OK if the ear infection was not enough Izzie now has a non contagious viral rash all over her body. Yes we were back at the doctor this afternoon. It could have been caused from the ear infection but they do not think it is a reaction to the antibiotic or a reaction to the chicken pox vaccine she got a couple of weeks ago. She has no fever and acts fine she is just spotted! The pictures do not do it justice but you can kind of tell and let me tell you the heat aggravates those little suckers and they get more red and bigger. You would think she would have it all over her diaper area, an area that is covered and warm but no everywhere but there! Go figure hopefully she will shake this and we can quit visiting the doctor on a weekly basis!
*If you click on the pics you can see it even better*

***Just returned from the doctor AGAIN (9:00pm), she broke out even more about an hour after her dose of Amoxicillin so I called the doctor like they said to do if it got worse and give her benedryl. The nurse said to bring her back so they could look and so I did. It is now in her chart NO PENICILLIN DRUGS. Poor Izzie, so we are watching her closely tonight to see if the whelps go down and of course the benedryl has knocked her out***


CBJR Family said...

Well, at least it's not bothering her. That's the way it seems to go--well for a while and then frequent visits to the doctor!

Jessica said...

Poor baby! I'm glad it doesn't itch! I'm sure it will clear up and maybe you'll have a well spell for a while.

BlandPartyof5 said...

I know how she must feel. I am allergic to Penecillin as well. And I broke out in hives so bad a couple years ago from another drug that I needed a shot. That is great though, not to be on meds or anything until she reached a year old.

The Sanchez Family said...

Poor Izzie! I hope she feels better soon!

Kim said...

Bless her heart! And Mommy's!
It sounded familiar to what Chandler Grace had a few weeks ago-Roseolla. She was tugging her ear, fever and then after the fever left, the spots appeared.
Kennedy had that, too. Was that the virus?
Sorry about the bad reaction to the meds. At least you now know that about Izzie.
Take care of your baby girl, I know you will!

Uncle Dale said...

mamaw says bless her little heart, hope it passes soon and sends her love and kisses