Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tooth #12

Yes that last 1st molar on her left bottom side is finally coming through. Poor thing it is giving her a hard time she has ran a fever all day. I got worried this morning when she woke with a fever and was not herself so we went to the doctor around noon just to make sure it was not her ears and it wasn't they look great thank goodness. So we are thinking it is the teeth. These 1st molars (all 4) have been a bear not sure I am ready for all 4 2nd molars around 16 months...YIKES! Now she has 6 teeth on top and 6 teeth on the bottom!


Kim said...

Sorry Izzie is having a hard time. She's ahead of her cousin. CG just has 8 (been working on the other 4 now for over a month!)