Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Allergist Appointment

Isabelle had an allergist appointment today. It was scheduled for next week but after the doctor said to stop the allergy medicine and since I was off work today we made the appointment for today. Really who do you listen too the doctor or the allergist.

So we went and told them what all has happened since the testing the ear infection the horrible coughing the runny nose the puking of the yucky mucus in the mornings ( I know that paints a lovely picture). So after telling them all that and them asking questions they feel Isabelle has allergy induced asthma.

So we came home on a new combination of meds. Zyrtec & Singulair and a nebulizer to use as she needs it right now. If she has to use it more than 2 times a week we are to let them know and then they may diagnose her with asthma instead of allergy induced.

We are hoping this helps, the poor baby hacks her head of during the night and morning time and when she gets to running around and playing hard. We have not done a treatment yet so when we do of course I will post pics of her with her fish face mask but for now I will leave you with this cute pic of her before we went to her appointment this morning in one of her new pillowcase dresses I made her this weekend!