Tuesday, November 4, 2008

1st Breathing Treatment

We did it the 1st breathing treatment. It was not too bad. She was not too sure of the fish face mask but we took the wonderful advice from Beth and put a DVD in the TV which her favorites right now are Backyardigans & Elmo so we popped Elmo in and that helped. It did not take too long it is just 1 medicine in the nebulizer so that is nice. She was squirmy and fussed at times but she also would sit still and hold her snuggly. So mental note for the others have a DVD in and a snuggly close by!


happymomof2 said...

We have the same fish face mask for Henry- isn't it fun!!! We have had his since last December. We sometimes have to use it 4 times a day (luckily right now we are at two however his coughing etc.. is getting worse I think he might be getting my cold too)!!!! That is a work out for mom:) Anyhoo we also read books and Madelyn sings songs to him. He really enjoys looking at the books and it seems to help make the time go by fast. Best of Luck!

BlandPartyof5 said...

Been there and done that. I saw on TV today while waiting for Rick to get out of surgery that Oct and Nov are the worst months on kids with asthma and other sorts of breathing issues. Take care of that sweetie!

Kim said...

Oh little sweetheart! I know that can be scary when she's so little. Kennedy had to use a nebulizer when she was 2-but now she doesn't! Hopefully little Izzie will do well with the new meds! Keep us posted.