Sunday, November 30, 2008

Putting up the Tree 2008

***pics added at the end***

We decided to go ahead and put the tree up and just teach her to leave it alone. We had thought about putting up a small one on top of an end table but that would cost $ and we have a perfectly good tree. We thought about trying to gate it off but that would probably not work or cost $ for a bigger gate. So why do it she has to learn so we just put it up. I did not put as much stuff out as I usually do and I did not put as many ornaments on the tree and I did not put a lot a the bottom. I am a teacher I do know how to modify! :)

So we put the tree up and Isabelle got to hang her Baby's 1st Christmas Ornament from last year! It was funny because Scott got a picture after we hung it and it looks like she is pointing to it, which she is but she is saying "no, no, no" since we have been saying no touching the tree just look with your eyes! Hard to believe this is her 2nd Christmas already. She tuckered out in the middle and went down for a nap so I finished up and daddy got all the boxes back to the garage. This week he will put the outside lights up but not today it is rainy!

Isabelle loves the lights and she loves the Hallmark singing snowmen I have. I got emotional putting the stuff out as she played with those because I always gave Mamaw one every year for her birthday (she liked them) and then it hit me today would have been her 76th birthday. So I shed some tears as I decorated the tree, missing Mamaw. Mamaw we love you!
Enjoy the few pics we took and when she wakes up I will take more as she sees it all together and add them later!

***Here are the pics from after nap, sorry it took so long getting them up***


happymomof2 said...

Looks like you all had fun decorating- it makes it real interesting when they are walking and climbing doesn't it?! We had a great time decorating ours too- although we opted to go with the gate etc... I will be posting our pictures soon.

Kim said...

What a fun tradition. Sorry about missing your Mamaw. That is special about the ornaments.
We had to decorate waist high for Miss Chandler Grace-although, I keep finding her with one throughout the day! Ugh! Kennedy and Jackson never bothered it-I fully expect to walk into the room and see her under the tree she's pulled down. Oh well.

The Sanchez Family said...

Let me know how it goes...we have decided to put ours in the dining room, he can't get in there. Cesar and Zachary are going to cut a real one down...I will post pics!

Jules said...

It looks fantastic!

I had a little giggle when we put our tree up because Rachel (27 months) looked at it and said 'Look, don't touch' - she remembered that from last year! It worked like a charm with our tree and even when we're shopping or at someone else's house. Now if Natalie (10 months) crawls near the tree, Rachel goes over to her and says 'No Nat-knee No'

Congrats on your weight loss, too - you're doing very well! I can't wait to start losing weight but I need to wait for my specialist appointment in the new year (gallbladder issues - fun times!)

Maybe you can continue the tradition you had with Mamaw but with a twist - buy them for Isabelle. As she gets older, she will appreciate (and love) that you've carried on the special tradition. :)

Jessica said...

Aww, that video of Izzie dancing with the snowmen just melts me! Almost makes me want another baby...almost.

The Sanchez Family said...

She is adorable! I love the dancing!