Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Izzie's Christmas Party at Ms. Shirley's

Today was my last day of school (YEAH) and so it was Izzie's last day at Ms. Shirley's until after winter break. They had a party today at Ms. Shirley's. They drew names a few weeks ago and Izzie drew Kevin's name. We bought him a Mr. Potato Head and we took a beautiful lap quilt that Grandorie made for Ms. Shirley it was purple and white and snowmen so pretty. I think she really liked it! When I picked Izzie up this afternoon she had all kinds of goodies. Kevin drew her name and bought Izzie her 1st Barbie doll. It was a Fairy Barbie and she loves it. Ms. Shirley spoiled her rotten by giving her a cuddly elephant, Pat the Bunny puzzle, a Pooh & Piglet bath book, a cute snowman ornament with her name on it and a cute snowman cake for all of us. She is too good to these kiddos. I feel blessed to have found her to take care of my baby each day!

We are officially on "winter break" and so happy for the next 2 weeks off. Papa & Gamma will roll into town Saturday and be here for a week. We are looking forward to spending time with the family over the Holiday!


Jessica said...

Miss Shirley is awesome! I just love it that Izzie LOVES everything. She seems very appreciative of her new toys!! :)

Kim said...

What an adorable cake! It's so nice to have people (unrelated) that love your baby, isn't it! How cute, Izzie's first Christmas party!

Rhonda J said...

Awesome party and I am so happy for you that it is winter break at school! Two weeks with your baby are priceless, huh? I should be rolling in town too a few days after Christmas. I hope I can see you and play with precious Izzie.