Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ENT Appointment

** Surgery date is Jan. 8th**
Isabelle had her ENT appointment today which went well. Since school was closed today because of the weather I did not have to take a 1/2 sick day for it, YEAH!!!! Anyway we met the doctor and his nurse. They were both nice, he said Izzie is a good candidate for tubes since she has had 3 ear infections in the past 3 months and he saw for himself the fluid in her left ear. It was not infected yet but could possibly be soon and so that would be 4 in 4 months. So he said if we were for it let's do the tubes. I told him he did not have to convince me! We do not have it scheduled yet I have left a message for the scheduling lady so hopefully she will call back tomorrow. So I will update when we have a surgery date. We are hoping to be scheduled while I am out of school since it such a quick procedure.

The nurse said she would be put to sleep with gas no IV's and it would take about 15 minutes to put the tubes in. So we are hoping this will help that fluid that continues to collect in her ears and then gets infected. I will let you know as soon as I do when the tubes will be put in.


Kim said...

Oh Jodie-I am sorry you are having to do this. But, am thankful little Izzie will get some relief!

Carrie, Sean and Savannah Leigh said...

It will be such a relif for Izzie and for you all too. Savannah is on her 2nd set of tubes. By the time we got out into the waiting room and got in our seat they called us back because it was over. It's quick. She will be a little angry because of the medicine but once it wears off you won't even be able to tell she had tubes put in that morning. Tubes have helped Savannah out so much that I 100% believe in them!! Best of luck and tell Izzie we will be thinking of her. :-) Merry Christmas!!

Jessica said...

You will be so glad you did this! Carrie's right, you won't even be able to tell she had surgery once the grogginess wears off!