Monday, January 19, 2009

I am still here!

Sorry I have been a bad blogger and I promise to do better! We don't have internet at our house, times are tough and sacrifices have to be made! So I can't just whip the computer out and blog I have to make it very intentional! Anyway not a lot happening in our household. Isabelle had a check up with the allergist last week who also confirmed her ears look great! We are not over 2 months without an ear infection and the allergist said the Singulair could be playing a major role in that so we will continue to take that each night! I do have cute pics from what was almost her ear tube surgery I will post! I have a few other pics from last weekend. I was sick all weekend mainly Sat. and last week was busy! This past weekend we stayed around the house and just enjoyed being home! We also enjoyed the beautiful snow on Sunday night!


Jessica said...

She is looking so much older all the time! I love the pics in the little hospital brings back memories.