Friday, January 9, 2009

No tubes yet!

Yesterday was a disaster. We got there and after Isabelle puking in the car and three times at the surgery center they canceled her surgery. She was fine when we left that place and the rest of the day and night. She has gotten car sick before if it gets too hot in the car and that waiting room was 5,00 degrees and nothing on her tummy with all that allergy drainage she has oh and did I mention one of times was after forcing the nasty medicine down her throat with a syringe before they almost took her back! Let's just say Mommy was traumatized by it all I think Izzie came out just fine!

Anyway after taking her to the doctor yesterday afternoon and finding out the fluid was gone and the ears look great and since we have now gone 2 months without an ear infection we are postponing the tube surgery. We will wait and see if she gets another ear infection or if we got for our 18 month check next month and she has fluid again then we will reschedule it. We also go back for an allergy check next week so I will also talk to Dr. G about all of it as well!

So that is where we are and I did get a couple of cute pics of her in her gown when we thought we were having the surgery I will post them later! My camera is not with me right now! Thanks for all the prayers & well wishes sent on her behalf yesterday it was just not meant to happen and maybe that was a good thing all though I could have done without all the drama (from the anesthesiologist) and the puking of course! :)


Mills N. Sublett said...

Jeez. . .really? What a morning!

Kim said...

Glad she didn't have to have the surgery-hope she won't need it in the future. And sorry for the traumatic experience!

The Sanchez Family said...

I remember when Zachary had a procedure done when he was 2. It was the worst thing ever! I am glad she didn't have to get the tubes!