Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Teeth #13 & #14

Isabelle has 2 new teeth for a grand total of 14 teeth! That is a mouthful. Her eye teeth or "fangs" have popped through the gum and they are sharp. She bit me tonight as I was checking them it is dangerous checking for teeth these days with such a mouthful. We noticed the white on both sides a couple weeks ago right before Christmas but they just popped through the gum today. I know they are sore thank goodness they will let her have Tylenol before her ear tube surgery on Thursday. We are not able to give her the teething tabs to help out and have not been able to for a couple of weeks since they have herbs in them so we broke down and gave her Tylenol to help tonight since she was chewing a fussing. Poor baby 2 new teeth and ear tubes all in the same week. I will update after her surgery on Thursday morning!


Anonymous said...

instead of ear tube surgery to treat ear infection
i recommend to check out the eardoc as it is not invasive and it treats the problem rather than the symptom.
the eardoc opens the Eustachian tube and drains the trapped fluids naturally

Kim said...

Hooray Tylenol! Hope her surgery goes well-sorry she has to have it. Keep us posted.