Monday, February 16, 2009

18 Months Old

Yes it is a bit late, Isabelle turned 18 months on Feb. 4th but just had her 18 month check up today. So we thought we were all over the ear infections right...WRONG! She went Sat. morning (Feb. 14th) because she had been crying and holding her ears Thurs. & Fri. The doctor said they were not infected but both had fluid in them. We finished our antibiotic Fri. night (the 13th). She said that the fluid is probably causing pressure etc. keep our 18 month appointment for Monday and call the ENT again and get tubes set up. So we went this afternoon for our 18 month appointment and guess what both ears are infected, very beginning stage red and dull so we left with an antibiotic again and this time a Sulfa drug which poses a whole new worry I am allergic to sulfa drugs so we are to watch her closely and keep benadryl on hand in case. So here we go again oh yeah and her tube surgery is scheduled for next Thursday Feb. 26th. We have to get these ears better!

On to better news she only got 1 shot today (no fever yet so she was able to get it) and that is the last shot until she is 4, WHOO HOO! They will do the flu mist next year instead of the shot!!!! So that was a plus! Here are her stats
weight 26.10lbs (75%)
height 31 1/4 in. (50%)
head cir. 47 inches ( 75%)
Dr. C was happy with her growth and we were happy to see a weight gain. She had lost down to 25.8 lbs from 27 1/2lbs while she was sick so we are glad she is back up a pound! She is doing great developmentally. Dr. C loved hearing her say "I Love You" and when she was trying to look in her throat she chuckled as Izzie said "No Mommy" She said that is great! Here are things she is doing, she is doing so much I know I will forget something so I will try to hit the highlights!
*drinks from a straw cup
*feeds herself using spoon and fork
*says so much many 2 and some 3 word phrases. Pretends to talk on the phone and carries on a complete conversation and we have no idea what she is saying except for Hi, hey, bye, no, I love you!
*says mommy, daddy, papa (when we ask her to say Gama she says Papa and laughs) she will repeat Grandorie or something like it. She will repeat names pretty well.
*makes the following animals sounds- dog, cat, duck, chicken, lion, tiger, bear, horse, cow and sometimes a monkey.
*loves her baby dolls and feeds them pretends to give them her sassy (paci) pats them and loves on them.
*gives eskimo kisses to daddy only and butterfly kisses to mommy
*says I love you, blows kisses and puckers up for kisses
*loves ELMO says Elmo
*climbs on everything
*loves daycare and her friends
*still hates her breat5hing treatment
*pretend plays all the time
*Counts 1,2 and sometimes 3
*says some letters A, O, I
*loves to read and yes she thinks she is reading, also loves to be read to
*follows 1-3 step directions ( I am amazed at that)
I know I am missing something she is so much fun. She is so happy and amazes us daily with how smart she is. Life is wonderful with Isabelle in it we love her so much. We are so blessed to have her and to be her parents! We love you baby girl Happy 18 months! Mommy & Daddy

PS we will be getting 18 month pics made if not this weekend we will postpone until March since she is having her tubes the next weekend but as soon as we do I will post them!


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She is getting so big!