Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Baby Is Growing Up

This morning Isabelle was in bed with us and she took off her diaper and got out of bed and went and sat on her potty and yes she peed! It made her daddy cry because she is growing up way to fast! also a couple of cute pics of her eating breakfast this morning!

PS Yesterday (the 20th) was my birthday and it was a great day my class at school is so sweet they made me cards and they were so excited to share a birthday treat with me. It was great but I think the best present of all was Izzie saying "Happy Birthday Mommy" to me.


Stephanie said...

That is great! I wish my girls would decide they wanted to use the potty. Happy Birthday to you :-)

Rhonda J said...

Happy Birthday two days late. Sorry. It has been horrible here. Lindsay's love of her life, dog, Petey was killed by coyotes Thursday night, early Friday morning. It has been horrible. I just don't know how much more heartache this kid can take. I am really sorry that I didn't call you, I feel like a bad friend but I was so worried about Linds and trying to calm her that I lost all focus on anything else. I do love you lots though. Hope it was a good day.

The Sanchez Family said...

WOW! Way to go Izzie. She reminds me so much of Zachary! He was always ready to try something new!