Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fun & Busy Saturday

We decided to meet up with the Sanchez family a Chuck E Cheese today so we could see them before they move to sunny CA. this week. We actually went early to have lunch and let Izzie play and were there when they got there and got to see them and meet baby Bella Ann and wish Z a happy birthday then we said our good byes. Man we will miss them even though we did not get together a lot we are sad to see them go but they will be back to visit and we can't wait to meet baby Noah in about a month!

We went to Target after lunch and then to Dick's Sporting Goods while we were there I was looking for crocs in Izzie's size and could not find them. So we went into the mall and by Stride Rite were we found a great sale buy 1 get 1 1/2 off and we found crocs in Izzie's size for the spring & summer! They are too cute on her see pics below, they are so tiny she wears a 4/5. She can wear Nike shoes in a 6 because she has a wide foot like mommy and Nike shoes are narrow the guy at SR said. Anyway they are so cute on her!

So after that I ran into Kohl's looking for summer pj's on sale and found nothing!!!!! Daddy was looking at gun stuff (his favorite past time) so Nate had told him about the stuff at Bass Pro Shop so we headed across the river to Indiana and walked around the Bass Pro Shop. That is where Izzie sat on the 4 wheeler by the looks of the pics she is a natural and let me say she comes by it honest in this family!!!!!

It was a fun day and a spontaneous day when we left the house we never intended to hit all those places but it was a fun family day together and it was nice not to be on a schedule and to be able to just decide and go as we wanted! When we got home Izzie was very tired she might have had a 30 minute nap today in the car. She ate a little not much (her throat is still keeping her from eating) took her medicine, breathing treatment, had her bath and went right down to sleep not a peep!

Here are those cute Crocs, so little!


Kim said...

Love the Crocs! What a fun day-spontaneous always makes for a fun day!

happymomof2 said...

I LOVE Crocs too!!! Madelyn has had several pairs and she has quite an assortment of jibits. I am looking forward to getting Henry a pair or two for the summer- I just hope that they will fit hime!!!! (He has small feet just like Madelyn).
Looking forward to seeing Izzie in her crocs this summer!