Saturday, March 14, 2009

Izzie & Daddy

This week has been rough at The Collins house. Wed. morning I woke up very early to an awful stomach bug and had to call into work. Daddy rearranged his day so he could stay home to take care of Izzie and me. He was so good all day playing with her and they went to get me some Sprite and crackers and had the best day. The whole time Izzie did not know mommy was secluded in the bedroom (if she knew I was there she would have wanted to be in the room and we did not want her sick with the stomach bug).

Then on Thursday Izzie came home not feeling well and crawled up on the couch with daddy and just lounged around for the evening. She ran a fever through the night so Friday morning daddy kept her home and took her to the doctor. She had a yucky red sore throat again but her ears looked good tubes in place and working (no fluid). Her fever went down on Friday and she just has a runny nose and hacky cough now. We are back on the breathing treatments and that is helping she is feeling much better. He daddy did a great job taking care of her they are great buddies (although she is still a mommy's girl most of the time) She loves her daddy! Here are some pics of Them hanging out Thursday night and again on Saturday morning!


Kim said...

I'm tellin' ya-Scott can't deny this girl! Especially in these pics!
What a cool toy-she'll enjoy the climb and slide! Glad you guys are better.