Monday, April 6, 2009

She would rather be NAKEY

**CENSORED...below is a nakey hiney do not proceed if you don't want to see!**

Yes Izzie would rather be naked. If she gets her clothes off you can bet the diaper is coming off. We stripped her down to her diaper for dinner (she was eating spaghetti) and after dinner it was not long until we saw that naked little hiney running around. I chased her down and put a diaper on her and before I could get the 1st diaper out of the floor the one I just put on was off and that hiney was running down the hall. So I gave up and got her ready for a bath.


The Sanchez Family said...

Zachary used to love to be naked! I was worried the neighbors would think I was running a nudiest colony for kids at my house. The minute we hit the door the clothes would come off! It's just the cutest thing.

Jessica said...

I bet she learned this from her mother!!! LOL