Friday, May 15, 2009

Baby Birds

We have baby birds at our house! We saw the nest weeks ago and I actually had forgotten about it and the other night I saw it again on top of the wreath on the front porch. So I had Scott look in it (I was too short) and he said yes there are babies in it. Babies and more babies best we could see the first night we thought about 5 or 6 but 2 days later they are a bit bigger and a little easier to see and best I could count in the picture I took today 4 maybe 5! Isabelle is in love with "her birds" yes she calls them her birds and cries if we can't go out to see them. The mommy bird flies over to the tree when we come on the porch and you can tell it stresses her out for us to be around the nest so I try to keep the front door closed to help her out, well that just throws Isabelle into a tizzy! So today I printed a picture of the birds so she could look at them in the house and show people! I am so excited to watch these baby birds grow they are so sweet!

Wednesday Night 5/13/09

Mommy bird in the tree waiting for us to go back inside!

Friday Night 5/15/2009
They are getting bigger