Thursday, May 7, 2009

Surgery Update

Sorry I am just now updating. Surgery went well she removed 5 adhesions that were on my uterus and removed my left tube. The right tube is open and clear. No endometriosis the pain and heavy bleeding was from the adhesions. Things look good. I go back on Wed. I have 3 incisions and will have them checked on Wed. On the morning after surgery (Wed.) we woke up to a crying little girl who had a mouth full of blisters. We took her to the doctor and she has hand foot mouth disease. So it has been a rough few days around our house. I will update more later and pics later. Thanks for all the prayers.


Kim said...

Oh, Jodie I'm sorry about Izzie. But YAY open tube!! Great news. Hope you and Izzie recover quickly.

Michele said...

Lots of prayers for quick healing in your home!