Sunday, May 3, 2009


This time it is Mommy! Yes I am having surgery this Tues. the 5th. Please pray for a speedy recovery and that things will be fixed!!! I have endometriosis that was found before I had Isabelle. For about a year now symptoms have been creepy back in and I tried medicine last year around this time and the symptoms get worse every month. I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and so now we have surgery in the future. When the doctor is in there she is also going to remove my left damaged tube (damaged from the 1st ectopic and possibly what caused the 2nd ectopic) and also make sure my right tube is open and clear. The hope is to feel better from all this and relieve some of the ugly symptoms (I will spare you the gore) and then to go on clomid once again in hopes to get pregnant! I just ask for you to pray for the sugery as well as for me to feel better and also that things will work and we will get pregnant in the NEAR future. Thank you so much for checking in on us and praying. I will update hopefully Tues. night and I promise to get pics on here soon of Miss Isabelle as she is growing and changing everyday and is such a character. :)


Carrie, Sean and Savannah Leigh said...

Jodie, You are in our thoughts and prayers during this time. Take care and get better soon!

Kim said...

We will be praying for you, Jodie. And, YAY!!! Also praying for baby Collins #2!

Michele said...

Sending you hope for a positive surgery and even better outcome!