Monday, June 8, 2009

500th Post

Yes this is my 500th post...WOW that is all I can say! I started this blog in Dec. 2006 after finding out we were finally pregnant and it was not another ectopic! This was after 1 fresh IVF cycle that failed but allowed us to freeze 4 embryos and then about 3 weeks later we did the FET and low and behold 1 stuck and yes that was Miss Isabelle! Where would life be today without her ...I have no idea and don't even want to know because having her is the best thing in the world and yes we hope to have a brother or sister for her in the near future and ask for your prayers on that note!

As for this post before I saw it was my 500th I was going to post a pic of me from the weekend. Some know I have been trying to lose weight and yes it has been a battle but I have lost around 20lbs! Yes it has taken a year but I have done it and I am keeping it off and hoping to lose more. This weekend mom and I were out shopping and it did not hit me until I picked up a skirt(I know first shocker me looking at a skirt) and looked at it in the sz I normally get and thinking there is no way that is so big and low and behold I got into a skirt that was 3 sz's smaller than I have been in since before pregnancy. The last time I was in this sz (which I am still not revealing but I am proud) was high school! I am thrilled and yes I have a ways to go but the feeling of putting on clothes 3 sizes smaller was WONDERFUL! I guess I have just been wearing my regular clothes and yes I knew they were big as I was always pulling them up! Anyway it is a start and happy 500th post on my blog!

This was taken Sat. evening before Rhonda & Marcus' weddding! I told Scott after I got dressed and looked in the mirror "I feel cute tonight!" Something I ahve not said in long time!


Jessica said...

You look cute!!!! I love the skirt! Congrats on your weight loss. If we stick together, we can do anything!

Kim said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is a major accomplishment-I am so proud of you and happy for you!

The Sanchez Family said...

Wow! Jodie you look great! Keep up the great work. Losing weight is no small accomplishment, you should be so proud of yourself!

Carrie, Sean and Savannah Leigh said...

Congrat! You look great and keep up the hard work!!

Roxy said...

keep up the GREAT work!!! Small steps toward obtainable goals...WRITE THEM DOWN...see my post about SMART goals...have them for each can do it!
Remember it's a LIVE it...not a DIEt!
So proud of you....just thing of all the NEW CLOTHES you could buy!

Rhonda J said...

I am proud of you! Love the new skirt and top too. I have a red one like it:) Love you and keep up the good work and great job on not giving up!